August 2, 2018

From the CEO: Welcome Back to Term 3

I hope the recent term break gave you some time out and the ability to re-energise. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new clients and staff who are joining us this term. Term 3 is here and is the start of some exciting things for ICT in education.

If you don’t know already, the Network for Learning has announced that they will be upgrading all of their firewall devices in every school starting in August 2018. New Era is the tip of the spear for this project, and we have already assisted N4L with over 15 transitions for pilot schools. We are now on the way with a significant field trial of 80 schools throughout the country starting in early August. New Era was chosen primarily because of our flexibility, scale, experience, nationwide reach and (very proudly may I say) downright bloody good people who will make it happen!

With the upgrade, you may ask: “What will be the benefits to our school?” Briefly, the new devices (Fortinet Firewalls) will have the capability to transfer more data faster. As a result, your N4L connection will not be choked as has sometimes been seen with the older devices. Web and content filtering will have a significant upgrade, those VPNs that students love will be able to be controlled, and reporting will improve. As the N4L connections increase speed to gigabit and beyond, there will be no bottlenecks from ageing hardware.

Aside from the N4L project, we are working alongside our clients, assisting them with their ICT planning for the rest of 2018, while scoping and planning where they need to be to take advantage of the fantastic new technologies available now and coming in the future.

Greg's Birthday Party

In Photos: A certain CEO had a milestone birthday in April…

One of the hot topics at present is Virtual Reality. In this space, we are very proud to offer ClassVR. ClassVR is a dedicated system designed for Education from the ground up. This is not some consumer based VR headset with a whale swimming by or Starwars drones shooting it out. This system has its own dedicated, cloud-based educational content management portal that allows schools to pick and choose topics that are relevant and engaging for students. If you would like a demo or more info, please drop us a line. If you are a client speak to your client manager.

Finally, before I go a word to the wise: As the rush to be in the cloud continues, make sure that when planning to embark on your “pure” cloud journey, you engage the right people and don’t just look at price or salesman promises. Make sure you are clear on where you will end up, who will be there to support you once you are there and that you really are receiving ‘trusted, qualified advice’.

All the best for term 3



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