April 18, 2017

Thanks to Core Education for a Fantastic uLearn Conference in 2016!

The New Era team thoroughly enjoyed catching up with clients, partners and educators over three action packed days in Rotorua. Tony Gilbert writes about the experience.

uLearn is always an exciting event to attend. There is nothing like feeding off the passions and pedagogies of teachers to feel invigorated by what is being achieved for our young people. Primary and Secondary teachers alike coming together to discuss, criticise and synthesise practice, pedagogies and practicalities to find a way forward to do a great job even better.

This was epitomised when I talked to the 17 (yes 17!) teachers who attended from Churton Park School in Wellington. The huge investment in time and money made by the BOT, Senior Leadership Team and teachers themselves was nothing short of spectacular. This is the stuff that really makes a difference. Not all the content is new, not all the presentations are riveting, but in the IT Education field that seems to be evolving by the nanosecond, having an environment like uLearn is essential to the continual growth of practice.

Well done to all those that supported in it 2016!

Tony and the Team.

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