Asking the Important Questions: Examining People and Policy

Asking the Important Questions

I was taught that policy is an organisation’s overarching guidance and principles, which are clearly different from procedures. Procedures, on the other hand, are what we actually use on a day-to-day basis to support policy. Procedures can be refined and redefined as circumstances change. A classic example of this is […]

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Don’t Smile ’til Easter: Routines & Relationships

There aren’t any shortcuts for establishing routines and relationships writes Tony. Upon joining the teaching profession more than few years ago, I was given a lot of advice. Undoubtedly, this was similar as many of you fellow educators. One of the more interesting pieces of advice that was given to […]

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The Commercial Realities of School ICT

There’s a good chance that some people will not like me writing the following, but I genuinely feel that I have a responsibility to share some of what I have learnt moving from a senior management position in a school to the same in the commercial world. There may be […]

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Breaking New Ground

Are you reaping the rewards of a well grounded ICT strategy? Tony Gilbert talks axes, shovels and gardening shears. If you have ever tried to dig a hole with an axe, you will know that although it is possible, it is really not that easy. The same goes with splitting […]

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Launching Schools into the Cloud

Recently the New Era Team attended a session hosted by the Ministry of Education around their recently launched Cloud Transformation Project. Much of the session was focussed on the Ministry’s future intention to move all schools into a public cloud to promote efficiency, collaboration and data-driven decisions. The good news […]

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