August 15, 2018

Unpacking the New Microsoft Education Agreement

You may have seen this week that the Ministry of Education has renewed its software agreement with Microsoft.

All schools will continue to have free access to the Microsoft education suite of learning and collaboration tools through to December 2021 with some exciting additions to the agreement.


Minecraft Education Edition is now included.

Minecraft allows students to build and design open worlds and encourages creativity and collaboration. It’s an excellent addition to Digital Technologies programmes to promote computational and design thinking.
Ask us about how we can implement Minecraft for your school. We can make the implementation seamless and help you to deploy the Minecraft Education Edition app to your school’s devices.


Continued unlimited licensing for Windows servers and networks for on-premise, remote and cloud hosted environments.

Having certainty until 2021 gives schools flexibility for their Cloud Transformation. The agreement covers servers onsite, as well as cloud environments. A service such as Microsoft Azure or EduServe allows you to move to the cloud on your terms.


Tools for every school

Even if you’re ‘going Google’, there are many tools in the new agreement such as Minecraft Education Edition, Sway, PowerApps and Power BI which your school may find useful. We can assist you with an implementation of Microsoft 365 that seamlessly works with G Suite without changing how you work. Get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss more with an education expert.

Read Microsoft’s announcement.
Read the Ministry of Education’s announcement.

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