August 24, 2018

New 360 Videos Now Available in the ClassVR Library

We’re excited to announce new immersive video experiences that are now available for our subscribers in the ClassVR Library.

Go on safari with a cheetah, fly through a fireworks display, join in with South African street musicians or spend some time with penguins in Antarctica – immersive video takes your ClassVR headsets to the next level. All our videos have been handpicked by our team of education specialists to be useful and relevant in the classroom. They can be added to a Playlist like any other resource – just bear in mind that they’ll need to download to your headsets before your students can view them.

New Feature: Batch Downloading Content onto ClassVR Headsets

To make sure the video files are ready to go straight away at the start of a lesson, we’ve also released a brand new feature for admin users. Through the administration portal, schools can select the content they’d like to keep up-to-date on every headset; the files will download in the background when the headsets are not in use.

With educational content and device control through a simple to use portal, ClassVR is VR and AR reimagined for the classroom. Learn more about ClassVR.
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