January 31, 2019

From the CEO: Welcome back for 2019

Hello everyone. Happy New Year!!

Hopefully, you have had a good break and are fully recharged to take on 2019. By the time you read this, Term 1 will be well on its way and the associated mayhem of the beginning of the year has started to settle (I hope).

The beginning of Term One is the busiest time of our calendar year for New Era. All of our clients (nearly 200,000 people in total) return within one week of one another and our teams are very very busy providing the support they need to get their year rolling. Beyond the day to day “business as usual” support we provide, (setting up new students and staff as an example) we complete many many projects over the break, migrating, rebuilding and updating our clients’ networks and hardware. This holiday break alone our teams completed over 8000 hours of project work. We have assisted numerous schools with their ICT and cloud journey, and we continue to be there post-deployment to support the ongoing ICT development of schools and their students

Looking back at 2018, we had a successful year with over 50 new clients joining the New Era family. We have also grown our team by 12 staff nationally. We are very proud to employ graduates (some directly from your schools), and with our continued growth, it provides us with the ability to give our team many opportunities to further grow and develop their careers.

With technology now being so pervasive and incredibly important in the running of a school, it is critical schools understand that no one person can ever have enough knowledge to support the myriad of technologies they now utilise fully. This is why when a school becomes a New Era client they are not just provided with a technician. We wrap layers of support with technicians, technical team leaders, service desk, engineers and very importantly a dedicated client manager that can translate “tech’ into plain English.

Throughout 2019, we will again be supporting many educator’s conferences and their organisations such as SPANZ, School Exec Officers Conference, Interface, ABSNZ, CMSSPA to name but a few. We look forward to seeing you all there.

All the best for the year ahead,


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