Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning is the utilisation of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to enhance and deliver student learning outcomes.

VR, AR and MR, what’s the difference?

Virtual Reality

  • Fully artificial environment
  • Full immersion in a virtual environment

PlayStation VR and HP Z VR Headsets

Augmented Reality

  • Virtual objects overlaid on a real-world environment
  • The real world enhanced with digital objects

Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters and Google Glass

Mixed Reality

  • Virtual environment combined with real world
  • Interact with both the real world and the virtual environment

Skype on Microsoft HoloLens

How Immersive Learning addresses the Digital Curriculum

Beyond the wow factor that mixed reality technologies provide students, they also support specific learning outcomes in the Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes component of the revised New Zealand Curriculum.

These outcomes include:

  • Use of various storytelling techniques, mediums and media to create interactive narratives and videos.
  • Develop and exercise creativity with designing characters, building 3D models and much more.
  • Comprehend complex concepts by viewing processes, organisms and environments that help in creating interactive digital platforms.

*information gathered from “New realities in education”

Push the limits of creativity with HP Sprout Pro

The Sprout Pro is a new all-in-one computer that can deliver on a variety of digital technologies areas in the revised New Zealand Curriculum.

Using a unique combination of technologies and experiences, the Sprout Pro has been designed specifically for modern learning.

Students can develop critical thinking skills, increase their ICT literacy and innovate and design in ways that haven’t been possible in a classroom before this. It lends itself well to project-based learning as well as creative, media-rich documentation, and can also facilitate learning practices around coding and robotics, 3D design and engineering as well as datadriven research. The Sprout Pro is a great example of technologies designed to aid the development of digital citizens.

Product Features:

  • Webcam and downward facing cameras
  • 3D scanner
  • Projector
  • Powerful Windows computer
  • 20-point Touch Mat and projection screen

Expand your classroom with the power of
Windows Mixed Reality

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Professional Edition

Designed to deliver cutting-edge visual quality and superb comfort, the Professional Edition HMD enables students to engage with digital content and immerse themselves In the world around them. 

Simple to keep fresh and sanitary between users, the headset is perfect for sharing amongst school environments. 

Students can utilise the Professional Edition HMD to develop computational thinking through physically viewing and unpacking complex problems across science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



Explore the beauty of Rome or uncover the hidden secrets of Machu Pichu. HoloTour gives students the ability to transcend time and experience different cultures and times in history.

With capabilities to explore realms entirely outside of the physical classroom, students can engage with current and historical issues on a level not possible through traditional educational methods – a direct outcome inside the Nature of Technology strand.

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Masterpiece VR

MasterpieceVR allows students to sculpt and paint using intuitive features that lets them build tangible objects and high quality models. Experiencing the curriculum in an entirely new way, outcomes can be achieved through incorporating interdisciplinary problem and project-based learning, enabling students to see how a wide variety of knowledge and skill sets tie together in the real world.

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