April 18, 2015

Cloud FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between public and private cloud?

A: Public cloud typically consists of services like Office 365 or Google Apps, public cloud services are all hosted outside of NZ, so don’t expect to be able to upload or download large files with ease.  Private cloud services typically consist of having your servers and data hosted offsite e.g New Era’s EduServe Server hosting service

Q: If we move to the cloud do we need to think about having a server at school again?

A: Public cloud services typically augment existing local infrastructure (hybrid), currently they do not replace all on premise services e.g Kamar/SMS Server, Print Server, Active Directory.
Private cloud services do eliminate the need for on premise servers, these servers / services are moved into a datacentre and take away the requirement for three yearly rollover of hardware and associated upgrades.

Q: Once we go to Google apps or Office 365 our servers will have no data stored on them, correct?

A: Incorrect, typically Google drive, Skydrive, are utilised to store smaller files, e.g documents, spreadsheets, the odd holiday photo, Local on premise storage is utilised for larger files and databases, eg. large graphic files, music (and documents), SMS databases.

Q: Are there any other form of cloud services?

A: Absolutely, a good example is New Era’s EduVault online backup services. Other “cloud” services include just about anything that is accessible via the internet, e.g e-Asttle  e-portfolios

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