Say Hello to Google G Suite

Google has introduced a new name for GAFE: G Suite for Education. Google has introduced a number of new features, marking the start of a new chapter for its collaboration tools for schools. The new name and logo will now appear in the admin console, online help, and email notifications. […]

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Don’t Smile ’til Easter: Routines & Relationships

There aren’t any shortcuts for establishing routines and relationships writes Tony. Upon joining the teaching profession more than few years ago, I was given a lot of advice. Undoubtedly, this was similar as many of you fellow educators. One of the more interesting pieces of advice that was given to […]

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The Commercial Realities of School ICT

There’s a good chance that some people will not like me writing the following, but I genuinely feel that I have a responsibility to share some of what I have learnt moving from a senior management position in a school to the same in the commercial world. There may be […]

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Breaking New Ground

Are you reaping the rewards of a well grounded ICT strategy? Tony Gilbert talks axes, shovels and gardening shears. If you have ever tried to dig a hole with an axe, you will know that although it is possible, it is really not that easy. The same goes with splitting […]

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Launching Schools into the Cloud

Recently the New Era Team attended a session hosted by the Ministry of Education around their recently launched Cloud Transformation Project. Much of the session was focussed on the Ministry’s future intention to move all schools into a public cloud to promote efficiency, collaboration and data-driven decisions. The good news […]

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Cloud FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between public and private cloud? A: Public cloud typically consists of services like Office 365 or Google Apps, public cloud services are all hosted outside of NZ, so don’t expect to be able to upload or download large files with ease.  Private cloud services typically consist […]

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