Unpacking the New Microsoft Education Agreement

You may have seen this week that the Ministry of Education has renewed its software agreement with Microsoft. All schools will continue to have free access to the Microsoft education suite of learning and collaboration tools through to December 2021 with some exciting additions to the agreement.   Minecraft Education […]

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Is Appraisal Part of Your ICT Programme?

The changes in the Education Council and the Practising Teachers Criteria over the past few years have been significant. A focus of my own post graduate study was asking the question: Do teachers value the data that is used to perform their appraisal? A significant number of factors influences the […]

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Simplifying the Cloud Conversation

By Tony Gilbert, National Education Specialist at New Era IT Some of the most intriguing rhetoric that I have heard recently concerns the cost of ‘moving to the cloud’. Those of you that know me know I have a very low tolerance for the gap between people’s theory and what […]

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Fermentation: Supporting a Culture of Success

Experienced leaders, vintners, and cheese-makers (three of my favourite things) have something in common: They all understand the importance of the concept of time. The tension between the rise of technology, and humanity’s ability to make ethical and moral decisions on its use, is not a new concept to examine. […]

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An Update From Greg: Welcome Back for Term Two!

Incredibly its May already. Term 2 has kicked off and the year is almost halfway through! In the past few months we have been busy supporting and attending a number of educational conferences and during the break, we have been assisting numerous schools to transition to the Cloud. A Busy […]

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Asking the Important Questions: Examining People and Policy

Asking the Important Questions

I was taught that policy is an organisation’s overarching guidance and principles, which are clearly different from procedures. Procedures, on the other hand, are what we actually use on a day-to-day basis to support policy. Procedures can be refined and redefined as circumstances change. A classic example of this is […]

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