Apple Solutions

New Era Technology works closely with our partners to develop and deploy robust Apple Solutions to the schools we support. New Era technology has worked with hundreds of schools, both in the private and public sectors and as a result, we are known for our efficient and effective work ethic as well as providing solutions that have value

With the education-focussed tools provided by Apple in Apple School Manager (ASM) and Apple Classroom, in conjunction with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms, it is now easier than ever to introduce and integrate Apple devices into your classroom. New Era’s Apple solutions designers and implementation experts are highly knowledgeable and experienced in bringing together these various tools and services to provide not only the best solution we can offer, but also the most fit-for-purpose solution for your school. 

Contact us to see how Apple & New Era Technology can work together to help drive engaging new learning experiences in your school.

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is your school’s single web-based portal into the Apple ecosystem. This allows you to centrally manage all your Apple Devices, link them to your chosen MDM using your Organisation ID, as well as managing information about your classrooms and students by integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


Jamf School is a fantastic option for any K-12 school that has 5 or even 10,000 Apple devices to manage – with a full feature set and functionality designed specifically for Education, including a Parent and Teacher App.


Whether you’ve used Apple for years and have 10,000 in your organisation, or you are just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your business, Jamf and Jamf Pro make management simple and secure. IT gain peace of mind and users get the experience they want.

You can integrate with Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) to deploy without ever touching the device.


Secure your Apple devices by leveraging native security features. Manage device settings and configurations, restrict malicious software, and patch all of your Apple devices, all while maintaining user privacy and the user experience.

Device Management

Ongoing management is the bread and butter of IT’s daily activities. Go beyond configuration profiles and use policies and scripts to customise devices for the optimal user experience.


Powerful and flexible, Mosyle scales to meet the needs of innovative K-12 schools around the world to make your life easier while reducing the overall IT costs of your district. Mosyle Manager is designed to embrace and fully integrate with Device Enrolment and Apps and Books in Apple School Manager (ASM) to achieve the most successful Apple deployment in your school. Mosyle Manager and Apple School Manager (ASM) are powerful alone — but even better when used together.

Device Enrolment And Setup

Integrate Apple School Manager to automate device enrolment, getting Shared iPads or 1:1 devices ready to go so students and teachers can enjoy the best learning experience with Apple devices.

Educational Content Management

Apps and Books in Apple School Manager portal helps streamline and consolidate purchasing and leverage workflows for distributing content licenses for users or devices using the MDM solution.

Classroom Management

Leverage all the amazing features of Apple’s Classroom app and Schoolwork app, by offering teachers the tools they need to build the most engaging learning experience using Apple devices.

Apple Classroom

Utilise your school’s MDM to deploy Apple Classroom to assist with organising your class, guide learning, share work and manage student devices. With an MDM solution, teachers have access to all the great features of the Apple Classroom App.

By using an MDM solution for education that is fully integrated with the Classroom App and  Apple School Manager, you definitely optimise workflows with technology in your school, streamlining device deployment and user data importing.

Apple Hardware Sales

We can offer our customers the full range of Apple products including iPads, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini along with AppleCare.

Apple Professional Learning and Development

Using Technology Better have a number of Apple Professional Learning Specialists who are experts in their field and have strong knowledge of curriculums and effective pedagogies. APLS help schools with connecting powerful tools with effective teaching and learning opportunities.

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Apple Financing

Apple’s education finance program gives your school several lease options. Flexible terms make it easy to upgrade and finance multiple Apple products at the same time.