Wireless & BYOD (bring your own device)

Providing increased access to school systems via personal devices and offering greater flexibility must be balanced with the need to ensure rock solid reliability, performance and data and user security. We work with clients to design, install and optimise secure and efficient wireless and access systems to support BYOD. We then assist with end to end BYOD programs for students and staff.

Are you searching for the below answers when thinking about BYOD for your school?.....

  • Will it work on the network?
  • What devices should we bring?
  • How will this fit in with the curriculum?
  • How do we know it's making a difference?
  • What kind of PD do we need?
  • Does this fit in with our bigger plans?                                                                        
  • Here's how we can help you answer these critical questions

If you want the guess work removed from a BYOD program get in touch and we’ll run you through best practise and a step by step guide to implementing BYOD in your school