Microsoft in Education Seminars

Bring learning to life with a free Microsoft in Education seminar

Microsoft in Education seminars explores the technologies and learning techniques that help students develop the skills they need for tomorrow. The seminars and workshops will be presented by Microsoft Education specialist John Phelps, a very experienced teacher and ICT facilitator who brings a wealth of teaching experience to the presentation and tries to emphasise teaching and learning opportunities both with technologies you have in the school and the topics outlined below.

The Seminar Includes:

  • Office 365 in the Classroom, including online & offline editing of Office documents
  • Windows 8 in the Classroom - introduction to Windows 8 hints, tips & how it can be used to personalise learning
  • Office 2013 in the Classroom - new features and reminders of possibilities for curriculum integration
  • BYOD/1:1 Learning considerations from planning to implementation and monitoring
  • Exploring the wealth of resources at the Microsoft Educator Network Site
  • Microsoft in Education - sharing 21st Century Learning initiatives.

Who is it for?

  • Key ICT personal within your own school
  • The whole staff within your own school
  • Hosting an event that other local schools are invited to attend.

To request a seminar at your school please email us at or call 0800 438 428.

Extension Workshops

  • Participating schools have the opportunity to be part of the Windows in the Classroom Extension Workshops.
  • A school can apply to have up to 3 of these free workshops in your school. These are one hour “hands on” professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • The workshops will feature creativity and innovation using a range of generic applications & resources.
  • The extension workshops can also be adapted by arrangement to cater for an in depth look at specific topics linked to the topics.