Cloud Services

We can help you navigate through the varied and often confusing cloud service offerings available and assist with integrating them into more traditional service delivery models, providing a seamless experience for students, while preserving the security and integrity of the educational environment.

New Era has been providing cloud service to our clients for over a decade, from online backups to single applications to full server and data hosting, MS Office 365 and Google Apps deployments, and comprehensive identity management. Our knowledge, experience and robust private cloud infrastructure leveraged by a large number of clients means you can trust us to deliver the right cloud solution for your organisation.

Eduserve is New Era's hosting service for schools. Providing reliable, high performance offsite server hosting at an affordable price for the New Zealand education sector.  

Benefits for your school

  • Reduced expenditure on software licensing
  • Decreased reliance on school-based ICT staff
  • Enables greater ubiquity of access for students and staff
  • Expand resource sharing opportunities
  • Reduce / eliminate problems associated with software control and updates 
  • Ease of leveraging benefits of shared management systems (SMS)
  • Reduce barriers to participation, contribution and sharing 

Savings for your school

  • Future server hardware purchases / lease costs
  • SMS hosting
  • Offsite critical data backups
  • Future server accessories such as UPS and NAS backups
  • Email hosting
  • Future engineering costs for new server rebuilds

Bayfield Primary in Auckland has joined New Era's Eduserve, here are their thoughts on the move to the cloud.

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