Northern Health School

"The team at New Era have been very good in respect to delivering what they promise. Their skills with Microsoft are impressive and they are always proactive with support"

Richard Winder
Principal - Northern Health School

Northern Health School, with 17 regional offices and more than 120 full- and part-time staff, has realised a 40% reduction in telecommunications costs after installing Microsoft Lync to manage their voice and data applications.

But those savings are just the beginning. “Once we roll out Lync to our home-based students and enable teachers and students to collaborate on-line,” says NHS Principal Richard Winder, “we’ll be able to significantly reduce drive times so that teachers can spend more time instructing and less time driving. And on top of that Lync itself offers a raft of capabilities - such as video-conferencing, digital diaries, point-of-presence - that are already making huge improvements in the way we communicate amongst ourselves and students. Microsoft Lync has been a game changer for us.”

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