New Era Partners with Linewize New Era is excited to announce a partnership with Linewize, offering their cloud managed network and internet services to New Zealand schools. 

About Linewize

Linewize enables teachers to gain visibility and control over Internet use in the classroom. Ensure your students' attention remains focused on education rather than entertainment. 


Linewize Services 


Live visibility and control over in-class student Internet use for teachers 
Classwize provides teachers with complete visibility and control over class Internet use. Through the website, teachers can share online resources and focus learning activities.


User authentication, user specific content filtering and individual usage reporting 
Surfwize provides user authentication, BYOD and guest device management. The website provides self-management of content access policies by group membership and full visibility over browsing history and data usage for every user and device on the network.


Cloud managed firewall
Edgewize provides cloud based management of the router and firewall functionality (NAT, VLAN, etc.) of the Linewize appliance when installed as the edge device.

For more information about Linewize, visit the Linewize website, to learn more about how these services 

About New Era

With over 20 years of experience in the New Zealand Education sector, New Era's leading edge solutions empower educational organisations to bring the digital education revolution to life. Like our customers we’re excited about the power and possibilities of technology, the evolution of new devices, platforms and curriculum, and the potential of today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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