Why Outsource Your IT Requirements?

Often wonder what the true benefits will be when choosing to outsource your IT requirements? Here's how we think you'll see the most gains when outsourcing to New Era.

The right resource doing the right job:

Many schools believe technical support can be done by teachers, thus saving money. This is a fallacy. Trained and qualified technicians will resolve technical issues far more efficiently and effectively than teaching staff, and at a fraction of the true cost of having teaching staff doing technical support. Whilst paying for an external company does come from a different funding bucket to paying teacher salaries, the benefit of having outsourced IT support means you can maximise the value of your teaching staff and their impact on student learning, and a well-supported network has a hugely positive effect on the uptake and user confidence in technology within a school.

Appropriate management of IT staff: 

Managing technical staff is not easy for schools, and schools should be setting the agenda for teaching and learning using technology, and not be restricted by gatekeepers. Managing technical staff is best done by experienced technical managers, and New Era has the systems and processes in place to ensure technical staff are transparently accountable and deliver best value to the end users (staff and students). Outsourcing your IT support removes all HR issues and the onus of managing technical staff.

Best Practice, Best Results:

New Era as a trusted outsource IT provider will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of best practice that works across hundreds of schools in New Zealand. This means you have at your fingertips the right advice to make the right decisions, and our support is based on experience and quick resolution of issues, rather that trying to figure things out in isolation.

Qualified Strategic Advice: 

Our experience team working with schools across the country bring a collective wisdom of developments across the education sector and what's working and what's not. From this knowledge and experience New Era are able to provide thought leadership with regards to your IT strategy, and provide affordable and achievable milestones to enhance learning outcomes.


Service Level Agreements ensure New Era delivers a transparent and appropriate level of support and holds us accountable to ensure we are meeting the expectation of our clients. We provide a complete managed service, not just technical staff, to make sure your network delivers the performance you require.


With a fixed budget and our guaranteed level of service, you will always have the expertise on hand to deliver the IT services your school needs.

No Worries, No Hassles: 

We take away all the hassles of network management, and deliver to your end users through proactive IT strategy, not reactive IT issue management.

These are just a few of the key areas we think you'll see the most benefits, we also offer professional development seminars for your staff and leadership team either at your school or at specific locations around the country. More info on these coming soon.... Watch this space!