Our Windows in the Classroom Road Warrior is Back

It's been a while since we've caught up with our Windows in the Classroom road warrior. John has been extremely busy traveling the country and teaching schools ways to enhance learning in your classroom.

If your school would like an insight into creative ways of using Microsoft Technology in your classroom please contact Gretchyn McLean at gretchynm@newerait.co.nz  to register.

Here's a sneak peek into a few schools John has visited this past week.

Palmerston North Girls High School - March 27th

 As the eLearning teacher explained:

"We are a Google school this is using Moodle to various levels. We are also a strong Mac school. However we feel as though we should have an open mind about other options"

This seminar focused on the potential of Office 365, by the end of the seminar teachers were buzzing and have now committed to trialling Office 365 immediately.

 Mangorapa / Flemmington Schools - March 26th

Both schools had purchased Surface RT devices so we focused on how to effectively use this device.

John had been alerted that attendees did not like Windows 8, however that quickly changed.

The session was very well received and Principals and staff members went away very enthusiastic and appreciative that we would travel out to their small schools.

Queens High School / Bayfield High School - March 20th

Queens and Bayfield High closed both their schools for a teachers only day based around Windows in the Classroom. Queens High played hosts and the day consisted of the following:

  • Engaging Ideas
  • Windows in the Maths Classroom
  • Potential of Office 365

John is able to tailor his seminars to the specific needs of your school so please don't hesitate to contact if you would like our road warrior to visit you.

Travel safe John, we'll check in with you again soon

Until next time...