John Phelps, Our Windows in the Classroom Road Warrior John Phelps, Our Windows in the Classroom Road Warrior

It's hard to keep up with our warrior on the road. Our Windows in the Classroom expert John Phelps has been busy last week visiting schools in Taranaki, Wanganui and Hawke's Bay.

Here is a sneak peek into a few schools John popped into.

 March 7th - St John's College, Hastings

St John's College have just had Office 365 installed. This was a perfect opportunity for the leadership team to see what the installed version looked like and to enable planning on how it would be used this year.

Strategic planning was the first session, the second session involved using Office 365 in the classroom!

March 6th - Wanganui Girl's High School, Wanganui

This was a follow up to the full Windows in the Classroom session Wanganui Girl's had last year, they have since elected to sign up to Office 365 as a direct result to this previous session.

This second session took a comprehensive look at Office 365, focusing on:

  • Mail
  • Surveys
  • Collaboration
  • Sites

"That was a very good session for us at the level we are at and gives us a great opportunity to move forward"

March 5th - Sacred Heart Girls College, Taranaki

On arrival at Sacred Heart John asked the question we aim to achieve through these Professional Development sessions:

"What is it YOU most want to get out of today's presentation?"

John can always tailor each session to the needs of each school - Sacred Heart Girls has a hands on session covering:

  • Finding your way around Windows 8
  • Student Sharing
  • Office 2013
  • Office 365
  • Windows 8 Apps

"That was an excellent session. Thank you the staff were buzzing"

March 4th - St Mary's Diocesan School, Stratford

John visited St Mary's last year also and they were very keen on all staff having the opportunity to experience aspects of the seminar. Relievers were employed and all staff enjoyed a 90 minute hands on version of the seminar featuring:

  • Blogs
  • OneDrive Sharing
  • File Management
  • Sites

If you would like to bring Windows in the Classroom to your school email Gretchyn at  to request a seminar.