See You At The Festival of Education!

There is much to celebrate in the New Zealand education system. Our educational success has two dimensions – the achievement of our students, teachers, schools, and community organisations; and our proud record of inspiring educational excellence in other countries, where our expertise and systems are highly valued.

The Festival of Education is an opportunity for us to actively celebrate these achievements by providing a platform for schools, institutions and learning centres to showcase their contributions. It is a special occasion for students, teachers and the community to profile and applaud their own success and innovation.

The festival is a place for coming together and sharing ideas, inspiration, success and best practice across the sector in Auckland and highlight what we have to offer both here and internationally.

New Era is proud to have a presence at this event and help celebrate education in New Zealand. Make sure you come see us for the chance to win some giveaways and just for a yarn, we're always interested to know what is happening in your school or in your classroom.

The Festival of Education is on in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch over the below dates. For further information make sure you visit .

Auckland - 21-23rd March 2014

Christchurch - 23rd March 2014

Wellington - 29th March 2014