Windows in the Classroom

One of our professional development initiatives at the moment is our joint venture with Microsoft entitled Windows in the Classroom. Our Microsoft education specialist, John Phelps is traveling the country delivering a range of professional leadership and development seminars.

Follow these pages to see what John is up to, (keep up if you can!)

Here is a sneak peek into two of the schools John has visited this week.

21st February - Albury and District School, Timaru

Since John's last visit here two of the schools had updated all machines to Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 and today was the first look at the upgrades to their laptops. During this four hour session multiple topics were covered including:

  • Finding your way round Windows 8
  • Windows 8 Apps
  • Office 2013
  • Office 365
  • Windows in the Literacy Class
  • Windows in the Maths Class
  • Windows in the Science Class

"I have learned more today than in 3 years of being part of an ICT PD cluster. There is so much we can do and I feel inspired to add these ideas to my teaching and learning"

19th February - Shirley Boy's High School, Christchurch

All staff at Shirley Boys had attended a full two hour presentation late last year.  From that, 3 x 90 minute extension sessions had been organised, one with the ten teachers who are working with the Year 10 BYOD Class, one with the 12 teachers working with the Year 9 BYOD class and a third with teachers from the mathematics department.

Student Advantage was ready and John was able to demonstrate how that would work, as well as time spent on Office 365, sharing options and collaboration opportunities. Plans were made on how teachers could link using the devices to class activities.

"I found the Math's activities really engaging and will be useful at a number of levels"