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Education professionals working with teachers to maximise learning opportunities for students.
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"The presenter was great - very engaging, interesting and relaxed. I have come away [from the PD session] with loads of solid ideas to work on with my students."

Workshop participant

New Era Professional Learning & Development

Connecting, collaborating, leading

Today's learner lives in a highly connected, networked and participatory world full of opportunities and experiences never before imaginable. The ways in which we communicate, share and learn are constantly evolving, as is the supporting technology. Social networking, mobile technologies, web 3.0, blogging and gaming have all helped to revolutionize the way in which we learn and teach. Understanding and harnessing this revolution is important for all educators in order to create innovative, engaging, authentic and connected learning spaces. At New Era Professional Learning & Development we're here to help.

The New Era Professional Learning & Development team works with educators, individually and collectively, to meet professional development needs. We help educators understand the relevance of technology and where it can maximize learning opportunities. Our tailored professional learning solutions aim to build the capacity of educators to remain at the forefront of the latest developments and thinking in eLearning and contemporary pedagogies.


Delivered by recognised education experts, New Era's eLearning Professional Development (PD) opportunities include:

School-based Tailored Professional Development

A specific professional development program customized to incorporate the school strategic plans and the professional learning needs of individual participants. 

Professional Learning Modules

Stay at the forefront of new developments in technology and pedagogical theories through our professional learning modules. 

Professional Development Workshops

Face to face and online learning programs focused on providing educators with the latest and most innovative thinking in the area of ICT and education to support learning, teaching and leading.

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Leadership Development

Leading learning through ICT

New Era PD works with Leadership Teams to develop digital pedagogies and learning environments relevant to all aspects of the school. Our New Era team supports the school in creating an ICT roadmap including: establishing eLearning teams; seamlessly infusing all areas of the curriculum with ICT; scaffolding professional learning programs to assist the ICT development of all staff; and budgeting for and building the correct infrastructure to enable all of this to happen.

Windows in the Classroom

Bring learning to life with a free Windows in the Classroom seminar

Windows in the Classroom explores the technologies and learning techniques that help students develop the skills they need for tomorrow.

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New Era Connected Learning Community

Join our community of connected educators to participate in exciting discussions, gain access to our video channel, receive regular updates and interact with our blog, hear and read the challenging ideas of leading educators from all over the world, and gain access to the free resources created by the New Era PD team.

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Software Services
Software integration and providing a single entry into knowledge management.


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"Our faith in the service New Era IT was prepared to offer us has been well-founded as all the problems that self-managing our network brought about have vanished."

Jeff Bruce, Principal,
Jean Batten School

New Era Software Services

Delivering through innovation

New Era Software Services combine smart technology with the experience gained over 30 years in the education sector to deliver best-practice ICT solutions that offer a powerful and personalised experience.

New Era were pioneers of managed software services and web-based applications 20 years ago, long before "the cloud" appeared. And our software solutions have always been designed with three objectives in mind: Easier not harder, less time not more, augment not replace. Today these objectives continue to drive the development of our solutions as we seek to simplify the user experience.

Our Portal-as-a-Platform concept provides the agility and flexibility required to achieve this without compromising on security. Through a standards-based approach, it delivers an open environment ideal for meeting the ever changing needs of our users.


Our analysis of trends in the deployment and use of learning software by education authorities, based on our global experience with education portals and virtual learning environments, led to us developing our Portal-as-a-Platform concept, back in 2009.

Leveraging an enterprise portal framework, New Era's portal solutions provide a state-of-the-art integration framework, supported by a unified provisioning and access management gateway.

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Identity, Access and User Management

The proliferation in both the volume and complexity of tools and services delivered via the internet, particularly in the area of productivity and collaboration, pose significant challenges and create risks for all.

New Era's identity, access and user management solutions have been designed, from the ground up, to address these issues. They take a modular approach that provides flexibility and choice. 

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Learning Management

We understand that providing an easy-to-use tool set, an engaging interface and ways of sharing good practice are important. We also know that every teacher and every student will choose what works for them. That is why we develop bespoke tools, as well as enabling third party tools in our framework, giving students and teachers a choice.

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IT Services
Providing the infrastructure and services to support 21st century schools.


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“We have been absolutely satisfied with all of New Era IT’s help. They give us exemplary service. For instance they worked extremely hard to complete their latest network upgrade during the school holidays so that we wouldn’t miss a minute of service. We would have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending their services to any school in New Zealand. We couldn’t have come so far, so fast without their exemplary support.”

Sandy Pasley, Principal
Baradene College, Auckland

IT Services

IT's simple with New Era

At New Era we believe IT should enable better learning outcomes – not hinder them.

For more than 30 years, New Era has helped educators address the complex technical design, configuration and operation of university and school IT systems and infrastructure.

We have helped customers harness the power of information technology and at the same time avoided many of the pitfalls that have impacted other technology providers.

Designed specifically for education, New Era IT Services are focused on streamlining operational management and supporting next-generation learning platforms.

We help education communities operate more smoothly, optimise their IT investment and integrate IT and learning systems for better learning and operational outcomes.

ICT Consultancy

The most important IT service any organisation can get is trusted qualified advice. Our Client Management team across the country is available to provide exactly that. New Era’s Professional Services include Strategic Planning, Project Management, Professional Development and Technical Audits. It’s vital to know where you are at and to plan where you are going, to ensure you maximise the educational benefits of your ICT investment. As the largest and most successful provider of ICT services to the education market nationwide, with New Era you know you are getting advice and services you can trust.

Network Design & Build

New Era has the largest nationwide team of engineering and technical support staff dedicated to supporting NZ’s education systems. With over twelve hundred clients and even more successful IT projects over the last 15 years, there’s not much we can’t do. New Era’s engineering solutions are designed specifically for schools, and we support all major technologies. Our philosophy is simple: we know what we are doing, and we always deliver. Guaranteed. If you have an IT project you need completing, efficiently and reliably, on time and on budget, you can rely on New Era.

Network Support

ICT services are critical to learning and any interruption will impact students and teachers immediately. But it can be hard for a school to resource and support a demanding, growing and increasingly complex ICT environment. For these reasons, New Era has a suite of modular managed services, allowing us to manage a little or a lot, depending on your needs. All our services are fixed price, meaning you can budget and there are no surprises.

From small schools right through to large multi-campus tertiaries across the country, we take the headaches out of ICT support so you can focus on teaching and learning.

Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals

New Era is committed to ensuring schools make the right decision about IT spend. Deciding which equipment is right for your school is a big decision. New Era does its utmost to understand to the schools requirements, and provides trusted qualified advice to ensure you understand the options available.

We provide all major brands of technology from a single peripheral to an entire computer network, with competitive pricing and excellent service. Leasing options are available. We also specialise in assisting with the All of Government (AOG) purchasing program, and look forward to the opportunity to fulfil your computer purchasing requirements.

Voice, Video & Collaboration

Harness the power of the latest collaboration toolset in a learning environment and allow your students and teachers to collaborate with others across schools, regions and even national borders. From Voice over IP phone systems to the latest Voice and Video technologies to enable collaboration, New Era is ready enhance your communication experience.

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Wireless & BYOD (bring your own device)

Providing increased access to school systems via personal devices and offering greater flexibility must be balanced with the need to ensure rock solid reliability, performance and data and user security. We work with clients to design, install and optimise secure and efficient wireless and access systems to support BYOD. We then assist with end to end BYOD programs for students and staff.

If you want the guess work removed from a BYOD program get in touch and we’ll run you through best practise and a step by step guide to implementing BYOD in your school

Cloud Services

We can help you navigate through the varied and often confusing cloud service offerings available and assist with integrating them into more traditional service delivery models, providing a seamless experience for students, while preserving the security and integrity of the educational environment.

New Era has been providing cloud service to our clients for over a decade, from online backups to single applications to full server and data hosting, MS Office 365 and Google Apps deployments, and comprehensive identity management. Our knowledge, experience and robust private cloud infrastructure leveraged by a large number of clients means you can trust us to deliver the right cloud solution for your organisation.


New Era has partnered with N4L as one of a select few N4L-approved IT support providers able to assist schools with their transition to the managed network. The goal is to provide all New Zealand students with a seamless online experience that suits their individual skills, strengths, interests...
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Win $10,000 worth of tech for your school

Your ICT story is powerful!  To participate simply tell us your story in 500 words or less of how technology is supporting teaching and learning in your school, your department, or your classroom. You can also support your story through photos that showcase the use of this technology....
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New Era named Microsoft Education Partner of the Year

New Era named Microsoft Education Partner of the Year  New Era have been a long term Microsoft Gold Partner in Education. We have always taken pride in the relationships we have with our partners and work closely to deliver the best possible solutions and support to education in New...
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Case Studies

Bayfield Primary School

"I have worked with New Era for more than 10 years now, their service level is excellent, nothing is too much trouble and I always know that I am getting the best up to date advice on e-learning initiatives and infrastructure."

Claire Turner, Associate Principal

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Whangarei Girls' High School

“We like the fact that the team from New Era IT listened to what we had to say...they took the time to explain the various options we could select and made recommendations based on their experience. They didn’t try to force any particular solution on us and genuinely wanted to give us the best fit for our needs.”

Anne Cooper, Principal

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Pakuranga College

"Thanks to New Era IT and IBM, network failures, over-worked support staff and frustrated administrators and students are a thing of the past at Pakuranga College."

Michael Williams, Principal

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Cloud FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between public and private cloud? A: Public cloud typically consists of services like Office 365 or Google Apps, public cloud services are all hosted outside of NZ, so don’t expect to be able to upload or download large files with ease.  Private cloud services typically consist of having your servers and data hosted offsite e.g New Era's EduServe...
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Bring Your Own Device FAQs

If you'd like a good read on BYOD backed up by research, try the Alberta Government BYOD Guide for Schools. You can read it here. We have also added a few simple BYOD FAQ's below: Q: Is it best to prescribe to students the type of device or allow anything to be bought to the school? A:  This is very dependent on how the school wishes the devices to be used. If they are critical...
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Wireless FAQs

Q: What is an “Enterprise grade” wireless network and why do I need one? A: Enterprise Grade Wireless consists of well-known hardware from vendors such as Aruba, Ruckus, or Aerohive. These wireless systems have central management, control signal strength to give reliable high density wireless coverage, and deliver flexibility and multiple levels of security. Warranties range...
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